About services

About services

Questions about camping services

Absolutely. We offer Wi-Fi throughout the campsite. In addition, the connection is free and unlimited for our customers. 

Only the customers of our campsite have access to the swimming pool, without supplement. You just have to know how to swim…

La piscine est ouverte à partir du 1er Mai jusqu’au 30 septembre, tous les jours, à partir de 10h et jusqu’à 18h.

Yes, as an option you can rent baby high chairs at € 3.00 / night.

Cot rental € 4.00 / night

Baby kit rental (chair + bed) € 5.00 / night

Non, vous avez possibilités d’apporter vos propres draps.

Ou alors, nous vous proposons la location des draps :

  • Double sheet kit for 2 people: € 10.00
  • Single sheets kit 1 person: € 7.00

  • Bath kit (hand towel): € 6.00

Yes, at your disposal:

Washing machine: € 4.00

Tumble dryer: € 2.50

Laundry pod: € 1.50

Yes, the campsite has a ticket service. You can book your tickets directly at reception to save time. 

We are partners of the following tourist sites:

  • La Rochelle Aquarium
  • Inter-island cruises